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The site owner, Kat Taylor, a white woman with red hair smiles warmly at the camera.

Free consultation

Do you know you need help with your writing but aren't really sure what a proofreader can do for you?

Or is there something specific that you need advice on before proceeding with a professional proofreader?

I offer a free consultation prior to any booking.



Terms and conditions


Maximum 20-minute consultation | Consultation by email, telephone or video chat only | Consultation available Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm | Booking essential


Kat's work with one of my students was a godsend.
He had a bad experience with a previous 'proofreader', which made Kat's work stand out even more. Her effort in not just correcting spelling and punctuation, but in also trying to understand nuances of context and meaning, meant she made a real and tangible difference to the quality of his whole thesis. I'll certainly be recommending her to other students in the future!

Dr Candice Majewski,

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

 University of Sheffield

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